Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lees Precision Engineering takes the collection and handling of customer information seriously and has always operated a policy of collecting and holding the minimal amount required to process orders and comply with legal requirements for business record keeping.

This Privacy Policy details what data is collected, how it is collected, what it is used for and how long it is retained for in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

What data we collect & hold

When setting up an account, placing an order or starting to place an order but not completing it some information is collected and stored, this includes,

Name & Address – Required as the delivery address to ship orders to, this includes names and addresses provided through this website and the PayPal transaction details where they are different (ie, the name of the PayPal account holder is different to the name on the delivery address).

Email Address – Used as the main means of contact for providing order confirmation and updates, you will not receive marketing emails unless you opt-in to be receiving them, This will include any other email addresses provided through PayPal if different. This may also be used for contact where an order was not completed in order to assist with any problems that may have prevented order completion.

Telephone Number – Used as a secondary means of contact regarding an order if required, providing a telephone number is optional when placing an order.

IP Address – The originating country of an IP Address is checked against the provided delivery address for fraud prevention purposes, where the two don't match the order may be blocked or flagged as possibly fraudulent. This does not apply when an order is placed through eBay.

All payments are processed through PayPal and Lees Precision Engineering does not handle or store debit or credit card details, Please note that all payments made through PayPal are also subject to The PayPal Privacy Policy.

Transfer of data to third parties

Lees Precision Engineering will not sell any of the data collected on to third parties however in some cases it is necessary to share it with a third party, current examples of this include,

A) Sharing order delivery information with Royal Mail or another courier when shipping an order to obtain a certificate of postage or tracking information for the order. Where a Royal Mail international tracked service is selected the delivery information will normally be shared with the national postal service operator in the destination country as well in order to complete the service.

B) Allowing HM Revenue & Customs access to view business records for the purpose of inspection and auditing of accounts where an official request to do so is made.

C) Uploading certificates of posting or tracking information to PayPal or eBay (when the order is made through eBay) where applicable or required for a DNR (Did not receive) dispute.

Data retention time frames

Physical (paper) records are securely retained for at least 5 years from the tax return filing deadline for the tax year an order was placed in as legally required by HM Revenue & Customs, once this period has passed all records will be destroyed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Digital records are also retained for the same length of time if required, this includes PayPal payment received confirmation emails, this will be reviewed and may be reduced in the future if it deemed that it is not necessary to hold them for as long for business record keeping purposes. These will also be deleted at the earliest possible opportunity.

Rights Under GDPR

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals in the United Kingdom and European Union,

The right to be informed
The right of access
The right of rectification
The right to erasure
The right to restrict processing
The right to data portability
The right to object
Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
The right to copmplain to the ICO (Information Commisioner's Office) if you believe there is a problem with how your data is being handled

If you have an enquiries or requested relating to your data please use the contact form (Link available in the footer) to make or raise them.

Last Updated - 24/05/2018