CNC Machined Power Restrictor Discs For VFC / Umarex / Elite Force MP7

Code: GBB-002

LPE CNC Machined power restrictor discs for the VFC/Umarex/Elite Force MP7 provide a simple but extremely effective way of reducing the standard power output for use at sites with lower limits by reducing the gas flow out of the loading nozzle into the barrel without reducing the recoil or rate of fire.

Each pack contains 3 CNC restrictor discs machined from POM which reduce the output velocity by approximately 10%, 20% or 30% depending on which one is fitted, the selected disc is placed infront of the floating valve and spring in the loading nozzle and requires no modifications to fit.

Power reduction figures are based on average test results over 10 shots against a stock VFC/Umarex MP7 operating from a regulated and stable air source, actual percentage reductions may vary slightly.

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