CNC Machined V2/V3 Acetal Airbrake Piston Head & AOE Shims - Clearance

LPE CNC Machined V2/V3 acetal airbrake piston heads are an original design being the first AEG piston heads commercially made which are designed to be adjusted for AOE (angle of engagement) easily while remaining securely centred on the piston. The conventional design for the rear of the piston head has been done away with and replaced with an extended locator and a lightweight aluminium bushing in-place of heavier steel thrust bearings, this allows for 0 – 5mm of AOE adjustment using shims between the piston and piston head.

8 Lightweight machined AOE Shims are supplied with this piston head (4x 0.50mm & 4x 0.38mm)

As with all LPE products these are CNC machined in the United Kingdom from high quality billet materials on commercial machines.

What is an airbrake piston head?

Airbrake piston heads are much like standard piston heads but with the addition of a second 'piston' on the front which acts as a suppressor in the gearbox.

How does it work?

Towards the end of the forward piston stroke the front of the piston head enters the cylinder head and reduces the airflow out of the nozzle, this creates a cushion of air in-front of the piston which slows it down before it impacts the cylinder head resulting in a reduction of sound from the gearbox.

What are the advantages?

For players who prefer their AEGs to be quiet the biggest advantage is the sound reduction from the gearbox, the area where most of the sound is created. Airbrake piston heads also offer a fit & forget alternative to adding foam padding onto the cylinder head which can wear down over time or even fall off if it is not fixed on securely, an airbrake will give consistent performance and perform the same after thousands of rounds as it will straight after installation when set up correctly.

Another advantage is the reduced stress on gearbox shells from the slower piston impact speeds, particularly useful in V2 gearboxes which are known for cracking around the cylinder windows.

Looks good! Is there anything else I should know?

As is often the case with AEGs performance of airbrake piston heads will vary from gearbox to gearbox.

The type of cylinder head will have an effect on the braking, flat cylinder heads are recommended to give maximum sound reduction, aero cylinder heads (also known as 'silent' cylinder heads) will also work but the reduction will be lower. Airbrakes also reduce the effective cylinder volume which will in most cases cause a drop in fps, this however will also occur with foam padding so any fps drop is negligible if you are looking to build a quiet gearbox.

While these airbrakes have been designed to work in full auto they may not be suitable for very high rates of fire, in all gearboxes the removal of the second piston tooth and lowering of the third is highly recommended.


Light weight Acetal body, fully CNC machined from billet
Double-radius reinforced piston face
Light-weight non-bearing design
Unique AOE adjustment system to keep the piston head perfectly centred

Technical Specification

Material : Acetal body with 2014 T6 aluminium bushing
Weight : 6g Without AOE Shims
AOE Shims : 4x 0.50mm (yellow) & 4x 0.38mm (red) Included

These will not work in gearboxes with off-centre nozzles, the following gearbox types are known to not be compatible with these piston heads.

V5 Gearboxes (UZI), V6 Gearboxes (P90/Thomson series AEG), V7 Gearboxes (M14), Real Sword SVD, Real Sword Type 97, ARES/STAR L85, ARES/STAR FNC, ARES/STAR M14, ARES/STAR M249/MK46, ARES/STAR M60/MK43, G&G L85, G&G M14, KSC Hk33, Systema PTW series, Systema Revolution gearboxes.

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