CNC Machined M8 HPA Adapter For Custom Conversions US Type - Clearance

Code: HPA-004

This US type adapter is designed for use in custom HPA conversions where a thread must be drilled and tapped to fit an adapter, it has a standard M8x1.25 metric thread which tap sets are readily available for and is well suited to fitting into narrow magazines or gas tanks where a 1/8” threaded fitting would be too wide, an o-ring provides a reliable seal so no thread tapes or sealants are normally needed.

This is a US type adapter and is compatible with Foster Series 2 and most other US type couplers, these will not fit Balystik US type couplers.

HPA or external regulated Co2 supplies virtually eliminate cool-down which gives much more consistent performance and allows gas guns which would normally struggle to function in colder conditions to function normally.

Drilling and tapping should be carried out by an experienced person, it is recommended that the hole for the tap is at least drilled using a drill press to ensure a good quality thread can be produced.

Each adapter is fully CNC machined from a solid bar of 6026 T9 aircraft grade aluminium and is anodised black for additional corrosion and wear resistance, 4 o-rings are included with each adapter.

Technical Specification

Fitting : European US type
Material : 6026 T9 Aircraft grade aluminium
Finish : Anodised black
Modification Required : No

Warning – The airline pressure to the adapter should not exceed 145psi/10bar or the recommended pressure for the magazine. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that any HPA or Co2 conversions comply with local laws and airsoft site rules.

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